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Air is the invisible gas surrounding the earth and is what we breathe. It’s a mixture of gas consisting mainly of nitrogen and oxygen. In Indonesian, Air means water, an important element in our lives. Fundamentally, “Air” embodies the concept of balance and is an essential element of life.

Established in March 2017, Air Dive Alor is the first Indonesian-owned dive operator founded by six brothers who share a mutual passion in diving, adventure and culture. Apart from well-maintained equipment and a custom-made boat specifically designed for diving, your experience in Alor will be made complete with an enthusiastic dive team who strives to create best ever memories during your stay. Dive. Explore. Be Surprised!

Alami Alor is a boutique dive and stay resort with an intimate family style setting, catering to a maximum of 12 scuba divers or snorkelers. The resort offers 3 guided boat dives per day to a combination of coral reef and muck diving sites, plus complimentary day and night dives on our excellent house reef. Alami Alor is an ideal resort for underwater photographers with our on-site Photo-Pro and photo workshops from Alor Photo Academy.

Alor Divers Eco Resort is an intimate resort situated on a 450m long white sandy beach on Pantar island. To preserve the authentic and quiet atmosphere of the place, we took special care while integrating the resort into the environment, and limited the number of bungalows to 8 in order to enhance friendly ambiance and personalized service. All bungalows have beach view and are surrounded by nature, reinforcing the feeling of remote luxury.

We organize small groups to explore the dive sites, situated a few minutes away from the resort. Our housereef has a stunning coral garden and two walls, offering to divers and snorkelers limitless underwater adventures.
Alor Divers, where diving is passion since 2005.

Alor Tanapi is a dive resort created by two dive professionals passionate about marine life, the island of Alor, and its people. Through Alor Tanapi, we hope to be able to share our knowledge of the precious underwater life with locals and foreigners alike, and that we can help build a more sustainable future for the generations to come so that they may continue to enjoy the magnificent gem that is Alor.

Dive Alor Dive with Donovan Whitford established April 1992 – 28 years and 5,000 dives in Alor. Dive Alor Dive with Donovan is an individually run pre-booked, land-based dive operation which offers tailored all-in-one dive packages for small, medium and large groups of divers and snorkelers in and around the Alor Archipelago.

Dive Alor Dive was founded and is still run by Donovan, an Australian PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer/Instructor/Divemaster who plans and conducts every part of your tour including your New 2020 3-star hotel, private dive-boat charter, fully catered customizable meals and Donovan guides every single dive personally every day.

Set in Kepa small island, in the heart of Alor-Pantar strait, this eco-resort inspired by the local culture and nature, is the perfect spot to explore this off-the-beaten-tracks area. You will discover the gorgeous biodiversity of Alor underwaters guided by Cedric’s team and his 20 years pioneer’s experience of the place, in small groups of 4 divers/guide.

After a tasty meal made with fresh and local products, you could also go to meet Alor culture in the neighbouring villages, stroll on the magic small beaches of Kepa, or just relax and catch the stunning sunset.

Lazy Turtle Dive center is perfectly situated in the heart of Alor’s best diving. Our small fast boat will take you to the best dive sites. We provide diving tailored to your interests whether it is hammerheads and big fish, macro, reef or a mixture of Alor’s best.

We offer a variety of accommodation ranging from idyllic island rustic to modern hotel. Our specialty is small groups, individual service and sharing our passion for the areas spectacular marine life.

Nautika Dive Alor was built on the foundation of passions for diving, environment and education, our core service from the heart is to provide you with an experience that are safe and memorable. We cater divers from different level of experience, from marine enthusiasts looking for a trustworthy dive centre for their courses to underwater photo videographer looking for their next award winning objects.

We are an establishment owned and operated by Indonesian, we are hoping to take a big part of developing our fellow Indonesians, especially our local family in Alor. We are located in the heart of beautiful village of Alor Besar, minutes boat ride away to popular dive sites.

SAVU South Alor is an off-grid beach resort on the remote southwest of Alor Island. The resort is dedicated to the appreciation and conservation of the Savu Sea which is at our doorstep. All types of ocean lovers will be accommodated with our personalized service in guided scuba diving, guided snorkeling, and dolphin and whale observation.

Our land base continues its commitment to sustainability as it is fully solar powered and features an on-site organic food farm. At SAVU, guests will experience a high level of comfort and resort amenities all while staying in touch with the natural rustic environment of Alor.

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