Welcome to Aliansi Bahari Alor

Welcome to Aliansi Bahari Alor

Aliansi Bahari Alor (ABA) is an association regrouping the marine tourism operators of Alor, Indonesia.

ABA promotes a sustainable and responsible tourism model for the Alor archipelago and supports the long-term preservation of its marine ecosystem through programs and activities involving the local government, the local communities and other organizations and stakeholders.

The marine specificities of Alor, Indonesia

Alor is an archipelago situated at the east of Indonesia’s province of Nusa Tenggara Timor (NTT). The waters transiting between the Indian and Pacific oceans bring the necessary nutrients to a healthy and abundant marine life. Due to local use of traditional fishing methods that are respectful for the coral (spear fishing and fish traps), most reefs are in very good condition.

This undeveloped region is situated out of the usual touristic routes; Alor barely undergoes any pollution or damage due to mass tourism. Due to these conditions and its specific fauna, a large area of the Alor waters is included in a Marine Protected Area (MPA).

Challenges to the area

Due to the rapid development of other marine touristic destinations like Bali, Komodo and Raja Ampat, diving operators and liveaboards are more and more in search for pristine destinations like Alor. In the meantime, the economic development of the whole NTT province is leading to a higher consumption of consumer goods which mostly come with disposable packaging and without a proper garbage management system, land and sea pollution are expected to keep on increasing. Equally important, the use of destructive fishing methods (blast and cyanide) which have a big impact on the quality of the reefs, has to be tackled.

The local government decided to start a conservation project, covering several topics like a carrying capacity study to limit the number of marine tourists, and strengthen the regulations in the MPA before irreversible damage could occur to the underwater ecosystem. The local diving and snorkeling operators have been invited to participate in this process and decided to create an association to speak as one voice.

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